The China Red

The color red has long had special significance in China, symbolizing health, wealth and good wishes. Newlyweds and children are presented with red packets; brides traditionally wear red gowns at their weddings; and even the firecrackers are always packaged in red.

That made the color a perfect fit for the Communist movement, such as the red army, the red flags and the red banners contributing to the success of the 1949 Cultural Communist Party. Having Red Guards promote the "red" culture as the Communist propaganda, the regime uses the color to stir up the public's collective memories - the historical myths and cultural icons of patriotism and loyalty. On top of that, party officials have told schools, state-owned companies and neighborhood committees to organize to sing the red song” The East is Red “, meaning without the Communist Party there would be no New China.

The China Red project is a social study of the symbolic signs, however insignificant and unnoticeable as they first seen. It provides an insightful reading of how the society is affected by the Communist Party’s propaganda, as well as why the general public chooses a lot of red colored billboards to show their loyalty to the Communist party consciously or subconsciously.

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